it’s time to be civil (14)


5. Be inclusive. … ‘The great secret … is not having bad manners or good manners or any other particular sort of manners, but having the same manner for all human souls: in short, behaving as if you were in heaven, where there are no third-class carriages, and one soul is as good as another.’ (George Bernard Shaw) …

“As we advance in years, we often seek safety in sameness. Rather than yearning to discover, we want to be reassured. It is almost a duty toward ourselves to and other, however, to resist, at least occasionally, the temptation of the well-rehearsed life. Making the effort to diversify our acquaintances and experiences and to understand that which we discover is certainly a civil thing to do. It happens to be a smart one as well.”

Choosing Civility: The Twenty-Five Rules of Considerate Conduct by P.M. Forni (St. Martin’s Press, 2002); pp. 54,57

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