this went thru my mind


Church attendance: Roll Call by Tony McCollum

“Churches don’t have a roll call before services but perhaps they should.”

Culture wars & judgment: Judging the World by Jonathan Storment [required reading]

“See judgment was always meant for those of us on the inside, not primarily for those on the outside. And I would argue that the Western church has reversed this. We have churches filled with people who are Christians but don’t look much like Jesus, yelling and screaming judgment at people who don’t even claim to want to be like Jesus. But on what basis? They don’t believe like we believe, they don’t have the same hope, they have no reason to try and live like Jesus.”

Golan Heights: The Golan Heights—Bastions, Burials, Battles, and Borders by Wayne Stiles

“For thousands of years, the Golan Heights in Israel served history in countless ways—from pasturelands to burial grounds, from battlegrounds to borders. It’s no wonder this region has remained the envy of its environs—even to today.”

Hurricane Sandy & prayer: For Those Serving by Scot McKnight

“A prayer for those serving those who are suffering and displaced due to hurricane Sandy …”

Influence: The Ten Ways to Gain Influence by Dan Rockwell

“Increasing your influence means gaining permission to lead. … People want to join with others and make a difference in the world. In short, they want to be led. But, if the led don’t consent to your leadership, command and control are your only options. When leadership is influence, those you lead give permission to your leadership. They aren’t forced.”

Pro-life: Why I Am Pro-Life by Thomas Friedman [required reading]

“In my world, you don’t get to call yourself ‘pro-life’ and be against …”

Spiritual formation: Spiritual Formation Movement: A Challenge

“We don’t believe classes create mature believers. Classes create smart believers.”

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