Father, hear the prayer we offer


One of the moments I look forward to and relish each Sunday morning at MoSt Church is the prayer and benediction led by one of our shepherds. Some of the thoughts, words, and tone offered in those moments rings in my ears the rest of the day, indeed, for the rest of the week.

Following is a sample of one of those prayers. This one was offered up yesterday morning at MoSt. May this prayer become your prayer.

Father, thank you for the ways and how often you reveal yourself. Thank you for catching our attention and aweing us with your creation and what you do. There is nothing like being moved by discoveries of you. It is my prayer that some of those discoveries have taken place this very morning. It is my prayer that our eyes have been opened to the use of your people in ministry. Most of us have believed in you so long that it’s hard to imagine anything else. A lot of us have heritages of faith going back for generations for which we can never thank you enough. We’ve been given every advantage possible to develop faith. As long as it’s easy, as long as the price is not very high, we can maintain. We have no right to ask for more but we are. Bring us along like the babies we often still are. Allow us to know you through your Spirit. Allow us to become more like you in our thinking and what we understand. Father, for our thorns that at the best are irritating and for some seem impossible, please hold us. Let us feel our spiritual skin against your spiritual skin. Let us realize your security and love. May it sustain us and enable us to share it with those around us. In Jesus name, Amen.

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