this went thru my mind


Arguments & debate: Winning Arguments by Ted Gossard

“I prefer to think in terms of sharing, as much preferable to debating.”

Decision-making: Why Basing Your Next Ministry Decision on Precedent Might Lead You to the Wrong Choice by Eric McKiddie

“When a leadership team faces a dilemma, ‘What did we do last time?’ is a question that tends to pop up. The assumption is that past precedents help you make the right decision now. While this is true, it’s not true as often as leaders expect. Here are five reasons why arguing from precedent might lead your ministry in the wrong direction.”

Politics: A Visual History of the US House poster and Interview [infographic]

“It depicts the progression in political ideology of every House seat from 1789 to 2010.”

Shepherding: Ministry Inside.97 by Jim Martin

“Shepherds should expect people to change. … Shepherds move people toward Jesus when they practice being authentic believers. … Shepherds need to remember that the goal of ministry is discipleship, not pacifying the least mature. … Shepherds who will compromise their integrity in order to keep people happy will find that in the eyes of the immature no compromise is ever enough. … Shepherds are called to help a congregation move toward maturity in Christ.”

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