reflection on the dissection of the election


As we here in the U.S. move daily deeper into the election season, may we all pause and carefully consider …

1. That all of the candidates need our sincere, earnest, and consistent prayers.

2. That the people we speak about, we do not know. We know a little – a very little – about them, but we do not know them. As we daily bank on others who do not know us to give us great grace, may we gladly extend to others what we yearn for ourselves.

3. That the people we talk about and of whom we so easily opine, have families and friends who are deeply affected by what we say and how we say it. How would you have your children, your mother, or dearest friends hear others speak of you? And so, how do you speak of the candidates? Would you dare say what you do the face of their smallest children? For whether or not you realize it, you do.

4. That it is infinitely easier for us to act as if we are very much in-the-know about what should and shouldn’t be done in governing our nation than to actually do it. It’s something akin to being a know-it-all Monday morning armchair quarterback rather than being a Sunday afternoon quarterback in the real game, no?

5. That the way we judge others is the way we will be judged.

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