this went thru my mind


Age & technology: In Wi-Fi Intoxicated Manhattan, a Generation of Teetotalers

““The worst is not knowing what it is, not knowing how to get there, and knowing that everyone around you is completely hooked in.”

Americanism, faith, idolatry & nationalism: * Why Americanism and Christianity Will Never Be Reconcilable by Paul Smith; * How America Can Become Like Christ by Paul Smith

* “A word of warning here. Hard-core, dyed-in-the-wool, wrap the Bible in the American flag, ‘America first and always’ patriots are not going to like this post.”

* “One of the main problems I have with my fellow Christians in this country today is that we have surrendered our spiritual birthright for a pot of political stew. We equate patriotism with Christianity.”

Non-violence & pacifism: * Should Christians Really Only Use Non-Violent Resistance to Things Like War/Genocide? by Greg Boyd [required reading]; * From Soldier to Pacifist by Matt Young

* “There is no denying that it is easier to be a pacifist when your loved ones are not being slaughtered. But that doesn’t mean that only a person who is in the midst of having loved ones slaughtered can espouse pacifism – though it does mean that such a person must try, as much as possible, to imaginatively place themselves in a position where their loved ones are being slaughtered. … The thing is, Jesus advocated this pacifism in a context where his loved ones’ were being abused and even slaughtered!”

* “As a result of this new-found conviction, I was caught between a rock and a hard place. I wanted to follow what I believe are the clear teachings of Jesus, but I was also a Soldier. What could I do?!”

Husbands & marriage: 10 Things Husbands Should Never Do in their Marriage by Trey Morgan

“Never plop your fat rear-end down in a chair after work without first asking your wife if she needs some help with something.”

Money: How Should I Manage My Money? by Patrick Mead

“Is it better to help few now, or plan to help, and carry out helping, many later?  If later, what about the people that need help now and don’t get it, supposedly suffering or dying in the meantime?”

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