this went thru my mind


Dispensationalism, history, John Hagee, Left Behind & rapture theology: Rapture Theology [required viewing; a 24 min. video; a good summary of the rise & spread of this all too prevalent, and badly mistaken, understanding of Scripture]

“Here’s a really interesting and important history of Rapture theology and the impact it has had on the church in America. It’s 24 minutes long, but well worth your time.”

Elections, politics & voting: * Christians & Politics by Michael J. Gorman; * Values of a Public Faith: A Contribution to a Conversation by Miroslav Volf

* “The dominant religion in the U.S. may well be ‘Americanism.'”

* “In this year of presidential elections, I decided to summarize key values that guide me as I make the decision for whom to cast my vote.”

Texting: Facts About Text Messaging [infographic]

“When someone picks up their phone it’s far more likely they are going to text rather than make a call. And because of this, we’ve grown accustomed to a whole new language text messaging has created. Here are some more facts about text messaging.”

Travel: Travel Tips for Newbies by Geoff Surratt

“I realize how challenging travel can be when I encounter obvious rookies trying to navigate the maze that is airline travel in the 21st century. So here are a few tips to help you travel like a road warrior even if you’re just a weekend newbie.”

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