it’s time to be civil


Maybe it’s the way I hear folks talking to each other, and about others, during this volatile election season.

It could be I’ve seen just one too many uninformed rant or one too many venomous broadside posted on Facebook status updates or entering my inbox as a “forward.”

Perhaps it’s the fact the holidays are just around the corner and they tend to bring with them challenge and stress, as well as joy and rest, to many folks.

Or it could be it’s simply a fact that anytime is a good time, and a needed time, to brush up on the subject.

But whatever the driver – and I have no doubt all of the preceding, along with many more factors, influenced my decision – I’ve decided to begin a slow, thoughtful re-read of P.M. Forni’s fine work entitled Choosing Civility: The Twenty-Five Rules of Considerate Conduct (St. Martin’s Press, 2002).

As I read, starting tomorrow, I’ll post a brief excerpt from each chapter.

I want this to be a time of learning and reinforcement for me. May you benefit from the overflow, too.

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