this went thru my mind


Christian symbolism: Get Your Crane Bumper Sticker? by Nijay K. Gupta

“The crane became a symbol of renewal and resurrection in early Christian iconography because its migratory flight announced the coming of spring. The crane is also a model of Christian vigilance.”

Church: * What Holds the Church Back from Success? by Terry Rush; * 5 Issues that Keep a Church from Growing by Ron Edmonson

* “Jesus believed and did many things not balanced; not safe. … He was executed because he refused to abide by the rule-of-thumb balance which is really spelled s-a-f-e-t-y.”

* “I am frequently asked, especially by pastors in declining churches, what keeps a church from growing … what causes a church to decline. … Here are 5 issues that can keep a church from growing.”

Elections, politics & voting: * Thou Shalt Follow These 10 Commandments of the Presidential Election by Eugene Cho; * Vote Like a Christian by Justin Simmons; * Why I’m Not Voting by Branson Parler

* “The Presidential election is only weeks away…and it’s getting ugly out there. I mean … really ugly. And before you think I’m just talking about the political process, the political parties, or the respective candidates, I was actually talking about you, me, us, and them…the people. And by people, I’m also especially talking about Christians.”

* “With no party having a monopoly on morality, how do I decide how to cast my vote in a way that reflects a commitment to my faith?”

* “First, I will not vote because the nature of the political system, especially surrounding presidential politics, is grounded on a different set of values than Scripture. … Second, I will not vote as a symbolic gesture regarding the relative importance of the political system. … the heresy of nationalism or civil religion is not a fringe position, but a standard creed of American Christians, whether Democrats or Republicans, mainline or evangelical.”

Lord’s Prayer & women: Can Patriarchalists Pray the Lord’s Prayer? by Richard Beck

“I expect that … a lot of the men (and women) who preach 1 Tim. 2.12 as normative for the church actually believe that Gal. 3.28 describes what heaven will look like. That is, I don’t think most patriarchalists, at my church at least, think that men will have authority over women in heaven. They believe that men only have authority over women now, on the earth. And if that’s the case I return to my question: Can patriarchalists pray the Lord’s Prayer? Can they pray ‘Thy Kingdom come. Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven?’ and mean it?”

Marriage: 10 Things Wives Should Avoid Doing In Their Marriage by Trey Morgan

“I’ll have a list for the husbands later this week, but for now, wives … here are 10 things that wives tend to do that really hurt their marriage …”

War: Karl Menninger on War

“The whole war business is a horrible, irrational, despicable business, an archaic and traditional method of deciding a disputed point, whose survival is a disgrace to and refutation of civilization. … And the whole business is disguised in a cloak of romantic glory and sentiment which makes it palatable and even marketable, as fiction, drama, etc., and spoke of in terms of ‘pride’ and ‘glory.’”

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