this went thru my mind


Brain, depression & stress: Brain Scientists Uncover New Links Between Stress And Depression

“… stress caused by everything from battlefield trauma to bullying can alter brain circuitry in ways that have long-term effects on mental health.”

Church, evangelism, outreach & unchurched: Why You’re Not Reaching the Unchurched by James Emery White

“How can it be that so many are still operating with a 1980s/1990s approach when it is 2012? Here’s the essence of the mistake: ‘If you build it, they will come.’ Or in the case of this mailer and scores of others like it I’ve received: ‘If you offer it, they will come.’ Meaning that if you spruce church up a bit, musically and stylistically, the unchurched will suddenly stream in your doors and fill your seats. No, they won’t.”

Claustrophobia: How Claustrophobia Nearly Grounded Supersonic Skydiver Felix Baumgartner

“He’d never worn a pressurized space suit before, and he felt the claustrophobia — which … was so severe it brought on panic attacks — threatened to bring the mission to a screeching halt.”

Complaining & complainers: Listening to Complainers Is Bad for Your Brain by Minda Zetlin

“… being exposed to too much complaining can actually make you dumb. Research shows that exposure to 30 minutes or more of negativity–including viewing such material on TV–actually peels away neurons in the brain’s hippocampus. ‘That’s the part of your brain you need for problem solving,’ he says. ‘Basically, it turns your brain to mush.'”

Evolution: Animated Crash Course in Evolution [10 min., 48 sec. video]

“There are many reasons it’s important to understand evolution …”

Facebook: The Church of Foreigners by K. Rex Butts [required reading]

“Does our social persona depict us as foreigners among the world? … Will people get the sense that there is something very different about us or would we appear to mirror one of the many nations and tribes of this world, or one of the many sub-cultures within the world? … Are we the church of foreigners?”

Focus: What are You For? by Rachel Stone

“In the (sometimes-exhausting) world of social media and blogging–especially in an election season!–it can seem like everyone is always talking about what they are against: what they fear will happen if the other party wins, why the other side is so wrong, why parenting/worshiping/eating/living in a particular way is destructive and bad and so on. Without trying too hard, I can think of a number of bloggers and authors and TV and radio personalities who have made names for themselves largely by asserting what they are against. …  Truth is, there are plenty of ideas that a person may be justified in being ‘against.’ But I tire of writing like this, and also of reading writing that is relentlessly anti-. What seems to center and ground me, instead, is to focus on what I’m for–what do I want to lift up as good, as true, as right, as exemplary, as worthy of attention and praise?”

History: * Google Brings History to Life With Online Exhibitions; * F.D.R.’s Message to B.H.O.

* “Today you can discover 42 new online historical exhibitions telling the stories behind major events of the last century, including Apartheid, D-Day and the Holocaust. The stories have been put together by 17 partners including museums and cultural foundations who have drawn on their archives of letters, manuscripts, first-hand video testimonials and much more. Much of the material is very moving—and some is on the Internet for the first time.”

* “In 1936, Franklin Roosevelt was faced with a vicious re-election campaign. He was vilified for the New Deal reforms. The word ‘boondoggle’ was popularized in the U.S. the year before to describe alleged abuses of the New Deal. Opposition politicians and critics compared F.D.R. to Lenin. … What Roosevelt had going for himself was a real set of policies and the capacity to speak on their behalf—a willed capacity to state things plainly, forcefully, and effectively. Never more so than on September 29, 1936, at the New York Democratic State Convention, in Syracuse. … F.D.R. sounds as if he is sending a message in a bottle (a YouTube bottle) to Barack Obama as he prepares for the second debate with Mitt Romney on Tuesday.”

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