this went thru my mind


Archaeology: Archaeology & the Bible [required viewing; 6:30 min. video; if time is short, view 3:16-6:00 regarding King David]

“[Archaeology] gets people past the great barrier. And what’s our great barrier between us and the Biblical text? Us and them. … What it does is it informs us of everyday details on people’s lives.”

Baby dedications: The ‘Worship Service’ and Baby Dedications by Patrick Mead

“Attempts to limit our worship and hallow a special hour or two during the week are really attempts to drag Jesus back into the Temple. He died to free us from those rules and regulations and we’ve returned the favor by trying to get him back in the Temple for the last 2000 years.”

Burnout: Why Burnout? by Dan Bouchelle

“… burnout is not caused by working too hard. Rather, it is caused by working without sufficient meaning or a sense of reward.”

Interruptions & distraction: The Social Media Interruption Monster [infographic]

“28% of the day is spent on interruptions and recovery time and the average time it takes to get back to the assigned task is 23 minutes.”

Women: Women and Ministry from Scripture and History by Ben Witherington [7 min. video]

“So, when you’re looking at the New Testament and what it says about women and their roles in the family, what you need to look for is not primarily of affirmations that women were a part of a man’s world only in a secondary set of roles, what you need to look for are trajectories of change and difference.”

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