this went thru my mind


Confession & sin: Confession – The Church’s Tragic Silence by Paul Smith

“Could it be that there is no forgiveness of sins in the church today because there is no confession of sin?”

Discipleship: Discipling Doesn’t Happen Very Well in Age Specific Groups Alone by Matt Dabbs

“We also need to foster relationships that integrate/interconnect the generations where those more mature in their faith can mentor and disciple those who are far younger and less mature. This is going to take some guts and creativity and great communication of our purpose in doing this. I am afraid we are dying from isolation because we only know how to do half the process well to the exclusion of the other.”

God, genocide, holiness & Joshua: Exterminate Them Without Mercy: The Problem of Joshua, Genocide, and the Character of God by Kurt Willems [required reading]

“For it was the LORD himself who hardened their hearts to wage war against Israel, so that he might destroy them totally, exterminating them without mercy, as the LORD had commanded Moses. (Joshua 11:20 ‘Exterminating them without mercy.’ How does this fit with the God of love we see revealed throughout the whole of the Bible and particularly in Jesus Christ?”

Gospels & Jesus: Did We Get Jesus Right? Simon Gathercole Looks at the Apocryphal the Gospels [49 min. video]

“In the following video Simon looks at the New Testament gospels and the apocryphal gospels.”

Jordan River: Saving the Jordan River by Noah Wiener

“The Jordan River is the setting of some of the Bible’s most iconic scenes. A visit to the river, however, reveals a different landscape from the Biblical depictions. Agricultural waste and runoff from nearby communities pollute the water, and dams on the Jordan and Yarmouk Rivers have reduced the water flow to four percent of its volume in the early 20th century. On Tuesday, the Israeli paper Haaretz announced that the ‘Environmental Protection Ministry and the Ministry for the Development of the Negev and Galilee are expected within weeks to submit a plan to the cabinet to allocate NIS 99 million’ to clean the Jordan river.”

Missions & missionaries: Answering 7 Common Objections to Long-Term Missions by Ben Stevens

“I cannot escape the conclusion that a major change in the tides has come … regarding missions. Time and time again I encountered intelligent people, both laymen and pastors, who argued passionately that long-term, cross-cultural work is ‘no longer the way God does things.’ …  So let me briefly introduce the most popular objections and offer an alternative way of looking at each of them.”

Pacifism: The Long Journey of a Christian Pacifist by Ben Witherington [required reading]

“Killing leaves blood on your hands, whether it’s manslaughter or pre-meditated murder or vehicular homicide. Killing is forever. If I ever did that, even by accident, or even while just intending to protect someone else’s life, I’d still have to do some serious repenting afterwards. All human life is sacred, and I have no right to take someone else’s life away. Ever. And BTW, the Bible says leave vengeance entirely in the hands of the Lord, he will repay.”

Tools: Top 100 Tools for Learning 2012 by Jane Hart

“The Top 100 Tools for Learning 2012 as voted for by 500+ learning professionals worldwide.”

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