this went thru my mind


Assumptions & daily living: 4 Assumptions You Can Make About Your Day by Jim Martin [required reading]

“Assume that you will experience interruptions and distractions. … Assume that you will need to extend grace to others. … Assume that you will have opportunities today. … Assume that you have enough time to do what really needs to be done.”

Children & television: Is ‘Secondhand’ TV Taking a Toll On Kids? by Amanda Gardner

“According to a nationwide study, a much bigger proportion of kids’ TV exposure comes indirectly, from television that’s on in the background while they’re doing other activities. The average child between the ages of 8 months and 8 years absorbs nearly four hours of this so-called background or ‘secondhand’ TV each day, the study found. And this indirect exposure, by detracting from play, homework, and family time, may have possible consequences for kids’ well-being.”

Church: The Way We Understand Church is Going to Change by Matt Dabbs

“Here are the things we need to address in order to find healthy change and growth as God’s people …”

Complaining, communication, leadership & relationships: When ‘Some People’ Complain by Matthew Kelley [required reading]

“…  triangulation involves three parties. Person A has something to say to person B, but instead of drawing a line of communication directly between A and B, person A gets person C to pass the word along. The concept of triangulation in interpersonal communication originated from psychologists who studied highly dysfunctional families.”

Singles: What Happened to Singles Ministry? by Adam Stadtmiller

“The last 25 years have seen the church alter the way it relates to and reaches singles. The fervor to target singles directly is no longer front and center. On the contrary, ministry to singles is seen as a burden to many churches. What started out as a brilliant success has disintegrated into the realms of an epic fail. Singles ministry proved to be harder than the original pioneers expected. It took too much time, too many resources, and produced too few sustainable results. We are now living in the post-singles ministry era.”

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