this went thru my mind


Choices, evil & good: The Banality of Goodness by Richard Beck [required reading]

“Evil is ordinary people thoughtlessly making a million small choices.”

Death & dying: Five Reasons We Fear Dying by Caleb Wilde

“Here are five reasons we fear dying.”

Facebook: Require Approval for All Facebook Photo or Comment Tags by Dave Taylor

“Facebook … makes it really easy to tag people in pictures and status updates, even without that person giving approval … You can always untag yourself from Facebook photos or comments, but that’s after the fact. What most people don’t realize is that there’s a way you can set up your privacy settings so that you have to explicitly approve all tags before they show up on Facebook.”

Family: Family First!— Not a Biblical Viewpoint by Ben Witherington [required reading]

“… the Bible, and especially the NT, does not encourage us to put the physical family first. … Frankly, this is entirely false and a bad theology, especially a bad theology of calling.”

Hospice: All I Really Need to Know I Learned from Hospice by David Calhoun

“Forgiveness is best not left to the death bed.”

Jesus/wife manuscript: Update on the Gospel of Jesus’ Wife (from Craig A. Evans)

“Is the Coptic papyrus, in which Jesus speaks of his ‘wife,’ a fake? Probably. We are far from a ‘consensus,’ but one scholar after another and one Coptologist after another has weighed in pointing out serious problems with the paleography, the syntax, and the very troubling fact that almost all of the text has been extracted from the Gospel of Thomas (principally from logia 30, 101, and 114).”

Leadership: 16 Things Successful Leaders Never Do by Dan Rockwell

“Never create the future by recreating the past.”

Ministry & people: * One Question Every Church Leader Should Ask by Jim Martin; * Stop Trying to Fix People’s Problems by Sam S. Rainer

* “What is it like to be someone else in your church?”

* “Stop trying to fix people’s problems. Lower the expectations of your ability to solve the problem. Raise the expectations to see Christ as the answer.”

Women: Jesus and Women in the Gospels by Joshua Graves

“I know what Paul said in I Timothy 2 and I Cor. 11. But before you tell me what Paul said, can you first tell me what Jesus did?”

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