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Attitude: What Every Hard Week Needs to Know by Ann Voskamp [required reading]

“No one knows but you do war every single day with the slanderous voices in your head and you wrestle a bit with the death dark that encroaches around the edges of everything and you’re never the only one: anyone who gets up has to push back the dark.”

Bible reading: * How to Keep a Dogged Devotion to Bible Reading by Wayne Stiles [required reading]; * Richard Foster on Lectio Divina, “Reading [Scripture] for Formation”

* “Don’t misunderstand. By “daily” I don’t mean a legalistic box to check. (Even the Pharisees did that.) No, I mean a daily, dogged devotion that listens to, watches for, and waits upon God’s wisdom as found in the Bible. Bible reading gives us that benefit.”

* “What does lectio divina mean? Well, it means listening to the text of Scripture—really listening, listening yielded and still.”

Books & reading: Leaders are Readers: 9 Tips for Picking Good Books by Rick Warren

” … how can you recognize jewels from junk when you’re looking for a book? Here are a few tips.”

Church & closing the back door: Closing the Back Door in Churches: Four Keys by Thom Rainer

“So how do we close the back door? What do we do to keep people from leaving our church or just becoming inactive?”

Confrontation: A Generous Confrontation by Jonathan Storment

“… Christian love, really Jesus-like love assumes a generous explanation. … And this is what the world needs desperately to see.  Not a group of people who are just pretending to live in community, and gossip about what’s wrong with the other people around them. They already know how that looks. What they need to see is a group of people who care enough to try and help each other be the persons God made them to be. The world needs to see, and we need to be, the kinds of people who can speak into and receive a kind word of correction. The world needs to see a people who know how to have a Generous Confrontation.”

Grace: Saturday Afternoon Book Review: Grace

“What Lucado does is give one of the greatest pictures of what God’s grace is, how far it reaches, the goal that it has and that it always accomplishes what it sets out to do.”

Grammar: Blogging Grammar Tips [3 infographics in 1]

“You can proofread to your hearts content, but if you don’t know the rules of grammar, you’re doomed to break them. Here are some solid grammar tips.”

Jesus/wife manuscript: * Coptic Scholars Doubt and Hail a Reference to Jesus’ Wife; * Response to Holladay Comment in the New York Times by Darrell Bock; * Was Jesus Married? The Latest Coptic Papyrus Won’t Tell Us by Stanley Porter; * BW3 on Jesus’ Wife? by Ben Witherington [6 1/2 min. video; the one to watch/read, if you read only one of these four links]

* “When Karen L. King, a historian of early Christianity, announced this week that she had identified a fragment of ancient Coptic text in which Jesus utters the words “my wife,” she said she was making the finding public — despite many unresolved questions — so that her academic colleagues could weigh in. And weigh in, they have.”

* “A story appeared today in the New York Times updating the discussion on the Jesus wife fragment. It quoted me. Carl Holladay of Emory commented on my view that this text could be metaphorical and challenged that reading. Here is my response.”

* “At the end of the day, this papyrus looks like it is heading in the same direction as many other similar, previous finds—a lot of hoopla over nothing (remember the Gospel of Judas?).”

Ministry: One Way to De-stress Your Pastor or Leader… by Ron Edmonson

“Tell us what the conversation is about…before the meeting.”

Mystery: Grow in Mystery by Terry Rush

“The Word speaks of mystery. My earlier years didn’t include mystery. They included many answers, explanations, and facts.  But mysteries were avoided because these didn’t contain touchable/tangible rationalization. Yet as we grow to accept mystery in this vast kingdom called God’s, there seems to be a surprising peace which had yet been experienced.  That seems odd to the control freak; me.”

Work: Work With Your Hands: A Theology of Work in 1 Thessalonians 4 by John Byron

“As the church we need to find a way to balance between helping others and not being taken advantage of. And I suspect that is the one aspect of brotherly love that is the most difficult for those who practice it; there is always the chance that we will be taken advantage of.”

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