this went thru my mind


Anxiety, fear & worry: Your Detour to a Stress-Free Life

“You can actually train your brain to be less anxious. Recent studies have found that … mindfulness techniques can make positive changes to your gray matter, ones actually visible in a brain scan.”

Contribution, giving & parenting: Mom, Why Didn’t You Put Any Money in the Offering? The Downside of Automatic Withdrawal by Kara Powell

“I can’t help but wonder, what do we wish our kids were “seeing” that they no longer see because we do it when they’re not around?”

Government assistance: We Are the 96 Percent by Suzanne Metler & John Sides

“… nearly all Americans — 96 percent — have relied on the federal government to assist them. Young adults, who are not yet eligible for many policies, account for most of the remaining 4 percent.”

Health: Your Smartphone is a Pain in the Neck

“The term is a diagnosis for nerve pain and headaches caused by using mobile devices. Be aware of proper posture and take frequent breaks, experts suggest.”

Immigration: “Holy Discontent” Towards American Immigration Policy by Matthew Soerens

“These leaders are filled with a holy discontent, a conviction that our current immigration system is not for the flourishing of their communities, for the common good of the nation, or—because many within the American church think of immigrants through a political narrative that paints them as a threat, and thus miss out on seeing the missional opportunities presented by immigration—for the advancement of the gospel.  They can’t stand it anymore, and they will not sit by idly.  They’re pleading with their non-Hispanic brothers and sisters to join them—because the Church is designed to function as one body (1 Corinthians 12:12-26)—in calling on our elected officials to put aside partisanship and political posturing to reform our nation’s immigration laws, including creating some process by which undocumented immigrants could come forward and get right with the law.  Gratefully, more and more non-Hispanic evangelical leaders are heading their call. At a governmental level, though, there does not seem to be much reason for hope.”

Grace & rest: When Sabbath Becomes Sin by Dan Bouchelle

“Rest. We say we want it, but when we get time for it, most of us turn it down in favor of play or distraction. … Why do we give lip service to margin, boundaries, down-time, Sabbath, silence and solitude, and then fritter (or Twitter) away every chance to do just that on Words with Friends or Facebook? What is so wrong with our lives that we can’t be still and just be? As the chief of sinners, I’ve been pondering this question lately. … I think it comes down to this: we don’t trust grace. Not really. We may believe in it as a concept, value it as a virtue, and even preach it as a doctrine, but we don’t trust it as reliable source of ‘enoughness.'”

Stress, technology & work: Firms Tell Employees: Avoid After-Hours E-Mail

“In recent years, one in four companies have created similar rules on e-mail, both formal and informal, according to a recent survey by the Society for Human Resource Management.”

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