this went thru my mind


Abortion: Why Abortion Should Not Be Politically Decisive for Christians by Craig M. Watts

“Unfortunately, the abortion issue has allowed many Christians – and conservatives as a whole – to claim to be working to defend the most vulnerable when in fact they are turning attention and national resources away from those who are most desperately in need. The good that actually could be done to protect life isn’t done because pro-life Christians lend their support to politicians who are most likely to block funding for programs for children and families of the weakest and most impoverished. The abortion issue ends up serving as a smokescreen behind which certain politicians work in the interests of those who are the most rich and powerful.”

Action: The Simple Power of One a Day by Seth Godin

“There are at least 200 working days a year. If you commit to doing a simple … item just once each day, at the end of the year you’ve built a mountain.”

Conversion, culture, men & singing: American Men Don’t Sing by Alistair Begg [required viewing]

“… you can really tell that American male has really been converted when he begins to sing during worship.”

Disconnection & youth: The Tragic Geography of Disconnected Youth

“More than one in seven young Americans are ‘disconnected’ from work and from school, according to a report released Thursday …”

Freedom, politics & speech: Freedom for What? by K. Rex Butts

“Everyday my Facebook feed is inundated with political stumps. … My problem is with the vitriolic nature and dishonesty many of these stumps carry forth.”

iO6: Everything You Need to Know About iOS 6

“Here’s everything you need to know, from how to update your device(s) to getting started with Apple’s latest OS upgrade.”

Slavery: How Many Slaves Work for You? [take the survey]

“What? Slaves work for me?”

Small groupsWhy I’m a Fan of Small Groups…Now; * A Better Way to Care for the Hurting [required reading]

* “The truth is, I used to not like small groups very much. … Over time, I’ve become a raving fanatic for small groups … Here are four things that changed my opinion over time. Notice I said, over time. It’s hard to change one’s opinion on this instantly. The only way I know to do so is to be part of a good one.”

* “… small groups. It’s the primary means by which our church does pastoral care …”

2 Replies to “this went thru my mind”

  1. This went through my mind: I’ll bet that those conservatives give 10X more to charity and pay 10X more taxes that go to help the needy than their liberal counterparts. Those bets probably hold true both in total and on average.

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