this went thru my mind


Criticism & complaining: Before You Criticize Your Pastor by Josh Reich

“Here are some questions you should ask yourself before criticizing your pastor (or anyone) …”

Gossip, gossips & gossiping: Are Gossips in Heaven? by Bill Mounce [required reading]

“… I believe gossip is the native tongue of the church. It rips and shreds. The church should be the safest place of all, and yet most have found that it is one of the most dangerous.”

Healthcare: Healthcare in Early Christianity by Michael Bird

“… Christians really pioneered organized community healthcare, both for the church and for those external to it …”

Humor: Christian Denominations Are Like … NFL Teams by Ben Howard

“In honor of the beginning of the NFL season and because I have a bizarre need to compare things that are in no way similar to each other. I give you a list of Christian denominations and their corresponding NFL team.”

Ministry: Pastors are Hurting by Thom Rainer

“LifeWay Research conducted a national survey of Protestant pastors. … One of the key symptoms of the pain experienced by pastors is discouragement. Over one-half (55%) of pastors are presently discouraged. … When we conducted our survey, over one-half again (coincidentally the same number, 55%, as noted above) said they were lonely.”

Prayer: Parent Prayer Closets by Jon Acuff [required reading]

“If you’ve got kids, here are four ways to find time to pray …”

Preaching: The Myth of the Relevant Sermon

“It is not the responsibility of the preacher to make the Bible relevant. Instead, it is the responsibility of the preacher to show his congregation that the Bible is relevant. John MacArthur states it quite bluntly when he argues: “Preachers are not chefs. They don’t cook the meal. Instead they are waiters who deliver the meal to the table without messing it up!”

Smartphone usage [infographic]:

“Could you live without your smartphone?”

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