this went thru my mind


Chronic illness & encouragement: Talking to Someone With a Chronic Illness

“Here are some tips to keep in mind when talking to a friend living with an invisible illness.”

Comments & words: Hurtado’s Rules for Fruitful Comments on Blogs

“… with two years experience at this … I want to set some ground-rules …”

Culture: Average US Neighborhood [required reading]

“The above Infographic … depicts statistics of the average American neighborhood of 100 people.”

Culture, idolatry & the United States: America’s Two Golden Calves by Paul Smith [required reading]

“Militarism and capitalism. The two golden calves of Americanism. If you doubt my analysis, simply try to remove one or both of these idols from any political campaign. See how far you get.”

Image of God: So What Does the Image Mean? by Marc Cortez

“…  the image is basically about ‘representation.’ In other words, human beings represent God because (for some reason) he’s decided to manifest his glorious presence in creation through us.”

Leadership: 20 Commitments that Enhance Leadership by Dan Rockwell

“Commitments are decisions you don’t reconsider. Top leadership commitments include …”

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