not a mere human invention: Galatians 1.11-12

You see, brothers and sisters, let me make it clear to you: the gospel announced by me is not a mere human invention. I didn’t receive it from human beings, nor was I taught it; it came through an unveiling of Jesus the Messiah. (Galatians 1.11-12 KNT)

Humans make things and so, everything made by humans have a way about them – a way of breaking down. Adjustments must be made. Repairs are needed. All the way from fine-tuning to replacement.

Restless inventors that we are, human things come into being – and just as quickly become obsolete. Perhaps they were made poorly to begin with. Perhaps they weren’t the product people intended them to be. Or maybe, though they still work, they’re just no longer relevant to the needs of the time.

Not so the gospel. No, not the gospel.

What Paul preached of Jesus came to him not from human beings, but from the one who made humans. It didn’t come from here, but from Him.

And so the gospel does not change. It never needs changing or adjustment. It never breaks down or becomes obsolete. It remains timelessly relevant to every human being.

This Paul believed and so, this I believe.

Do you?

In the name of him who is this world’s good news, I pray, God. Help me to ever hear deeply your changeless message that calls for my complete change. May I never try to change the gospel to suit me, but may I be ever about changing my ways to fit your holiness and good pleasure. Work with me in this task, I pray. Never leave me to my own devices. Amen.

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