this went thru my mind


Church & young adults: The Church’s Doomed Pursuit of the Elusive Young Adult by Bruce Reyes-Chow

“… before we journey too far down the path of our young adults expedition, I would offer three faulty assumptions that many of us make when thinking about young adults and the future of the church.”

Church decline: The Perfect Storm That is Resulting in Declining Churches by Matt Dabbs

“Those seven things combine to make the perfect storm for church decline. So what are we going to do about it?”

Culture, fear, history, morality & the United States: “America is Going Downhill Fast” . . . and Other Stupid Statements by C. Michael Patton

“… nostalgia is a common condition among us politically conservative Christians. ‘If we could only get back to the way things used to be.’ If we could only see how America is going downhill fast. … Am I missing something about the glory days?”

Mormonism: Why Mormonism is not Christianity– the Issue of Christology by Ben Witherington

“I would encourage you to read carefully through the statement at the link below by a practicing Mormon scholar, presented at Harvard Divinity School a few years ago. … Please note that these views, as expressed by Mr. Millet are not unusual or eccentric, rather they are typical.”

Neil Armstrong: Another Look: Walking On The Moon by Jeff Dunn

“Here is where I separate myself from the moonwalkers. I do not have to travel away from this planet in order to have my otherworldly experience.”

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