7 things you can do to bless those whose life is a beach


Thank God. Such a time in life is a gift and should be treated as such. It could be a time of rest from difficult times past. It could be a time for preparation for more trying times ahead. In either case, thank God for your friend’s blessing. They need it, as you do, too.

Rejoice with them. Inquire as to the good things you see God bringing into their life. Take the time to genuinely, deeply, and repeatedly listen to their stories of the times of refreshing. In doing so, you will not only heighten their joy, but will open the door to greater light into your own life.

Spread the joy around. This world isn’t short on dark and difficult news on a daily basis. Share the good things they share with you that are shareable with others. Deliberately set out to fill the world with some of the good news you know. You just don’t know whose life you might brighten as a result and how powerful that light might be to them.

Don’t succumb to the green monster. No one ever plans to become jealous or green with envy, but turning green starts with nurturing little, seemingly harmless questions. “Why can’t things be for me the way it is for them?” Show such thoughts no mercy. Pull them up by the roots, roots that could spread to others and work real harm.

Grow in gratitude. Sometimes it takes seeing someone else being blessed to awaken us to our own blessings. Let this time of overhearing others count their blessings prompt you to do the same. You will be made a better person in so doing and will, as a result, bless all you know.

Call attention to the future. Your friend will certainly recall how much more pleasant these times are now than some of those past, but you can bless them a bit now by reminding them of what is to be. Blessings we enjoy now are tiny glimpses into the infinitely greater jubilation and glory of being in God’s presence forever, nothing hindering. Such a reminder will likely stir up all the more gratitude and depth of appreciation for the good times now as well as the astounding times to come.

Continue to pray for them. Our natural tendency is to pray in, and perhaps even only in, the tough times. We storm heaven’s gates and petition God to bless. While God certainly encourages us to make request of him, how much more fitting it is that we’re even more passionate about rushing to his throne to praise him for who he is and his goodness at all times! By praying in times of plenty, not merely in times of need, you’ll grow in your awareness and appreciation of God, coming to love him and adore him all the more. Such can’t help but be contagious.

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