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Church, faith & religion: Cargo Cult Churchianity by Patrick Mead

“A lot of people leave worship each week feeling like they did everything right but it ‘just isn’t working for me.’ They have fallen into the Cargo Cult error and are shoving bits of cracker and juice around, standing and sitting, and even saying/singing the words at the right time… and leave emotionally untouched and unchanged because they are not dancing, walking, singing, talking, and living with God the rest of the week. They replaced relationship with ritual and their ship just isn’t going to come in.”

Courtesy, Facebook & politics: Four Questions to Ask Before Posting Your Views on Facebook or Twitter

“I’m sure you’ve noticed that as we are coming closer and closer to election day, the Facebook and Twitter worlds are increasingly filling up with political viewpoints. Too often, I find myself cringing when I read what my fellow believers write. I don’t think I am alone. Maybe you cringe, too. I do believe it’s good for God’s people to express viewpoints based on their understanding of scriptural truth. But God’s truth needs to be expressed God’s way.”

Culture & generations: The Mindset List 2016

“The mindset list for the [college graduating] class of 2016.”

Faith, Obama & Romney: Obama, Romney Share Their Favorite Bible Verses

“In an interview published by the Washington National Cathedral, President Barack Obama and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney answered new questions about their personal faiths, favorite Scripture passages, and religious diversity in public life.”

Flying: Ten Commandments for Flying by Thom S. Rainer

“I have flown over two million miles, and I have witnessed so many weird, dumb, and rude things while flying. But I have also witnessed many good and noble things. … So with the perspective of the good, the bad, and the ugly, I have devised my own ten commandments for flying.”

Food stamps: Planning for Poverty: The Snap Challenge

“‘SNAP’ stands for ‘Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program,’ which is the new name for food stamps. Basically, families receive $4 a day per family member to cover food costs, so the SNAP challenge is pretty simple (in theory, at least): Live on the same amount with your family for a week. … there are a few ground rules: (1) You can’t raid your existing food in the fridge or cupboard without counting that toward your weekly total. Condiments and spices are an exception, though use them sparingly to be fair. (2) If you go out to eat, the whole ticket amount counts, including tax and tip. (3) If someone brings you a meal or buys you a meal, you have to count the full cost of it as if you had bought it yourself. …  I encourage you to consider what you would normally spend in a week of food (dining out, fast food and ordering in all included) and to donate the difference for that week to a local shelter or food pantry.”

Freshness & prayer: It’s Never Been Done Before by Terry Rush

“My prayers often include, Father, show me things of truth that no one has seen before; that no one ever thought to think about. Surprise me. Let me see what you wish we would see but no one is asking.”

God’s will: Does God Always Get His Way? by Roger Olson

“Recently I introduced a group of students to my saying that ‘God is in charge but not in control.’ … My conviction is that ‘God is in control’ is a cliché that has taken on a life of its own among Christians and is inevitably conveys the impression that God plans and renders certain everything that happens without exception. That is, God always gets his way in everything. … That is a problem, however, in light of Scripture and history (including contemporary events in persons’ lives). Many Scriptures more than imply that God was not getting his way in certain situation.”

Hospital visitation: 7 Essentials of a Healthy Hospital Visit

“Several years ago my own surgery taught me a few things about how to visit a friend in the hospital. … a call that truly ministers aims to help heal the patient’s soul. Here are seven elements of soul care in a hospital setting.”

Tipping: Why You Shouldn’t Tip Restaurant Servers On Your Credit Card

“When you charge a meal on a credit card, if you want the servers to be assured of their fair share, you should leave the tip in cash, more than one server has told me. … Here’s why.”

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