this went thru my mind


Ayn Rand: My Take: Christianity and Ayn Rand’s Philosophy are 2 Distinct Religions by Stephen Prothero

“Randism … has its committed devotees, including former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and conservative talk-show hosts Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh … Here are five big differences I see between the  theologies of Christianity and Randism …”

Economic segregation: Houston Tops the List of Major Metro Areas in Economic Segregation by Income

“For Houston, that meant 37% of low-income households were in low-income neighborhoods and 24% of high-income households were in high-income neighborhoods …”

Faith & fun: Putting Fun Back Into Faith by Dan Bouchelle

“If there is anything the church needs today it is to experience the thrilling adventure of following Jesus into risky places with uncertain outcomes.”

iPhone: There’s A Big Security Flaw In Your iPhone

“… the loophole could allow someone to send you a text message from a seemingly friendly number … and then reroute your response to a hacker’s number instead. … For now, the best way to protect yourself is to not trust text messages that ask for personal information.”

WritingHappy International Apostrophe Day

“How to use an apostrophe.”

word for the weak: week thirty-four


This week’s theme in MoSt Church‘s 2012 Bible reading project – the Uncommon Truth for Common People project – is priorities. Each week’s theme and Scriptures are discussed in our Wednesday night auditorium class. The page numbers below correspond to the pages in the Daily Companion Bible.

• Mon., Aug. 20 – Micah 6.6-8; Matthew 6.25-34 (p. 200)

• Tues., Aug. 21 – Amos 5.11-15,21-24; Mark 12.28-34 (p. 201)

• Wed., Aug. 22 – James 1.19-27 (p. 202)

• Thur., Aug. 23 – Matthew 25.31-46 (p. 203)

• Fri., Aug. 24 – Luke 18.9-14; James 4.1-10 (p. 204)

This week’s memory verse is: “He has told you … what the Lord requires from you: to do justice, embrace faithful love, and walk humbly with your God.” (Micah 6.8)