8 solid freeware programs for your PC


Following are links to eight pieces of freeware that will help you get the most out of your PC’s resources. I’ve used all of these programs on my Windows 7 PC for quite awhile now and have compared them with a number of other programs, too, both free and paid versions. These programs just plain work, day in and day out, and don’t cost you a dime. Enjoy.

Belarc Advisor profiles, in great detail, virtually every aspect of your system.

CutePDF Writer will quickly and easily convert most document types into PDF format.

CCleaner. Think of this as your system’s do-it-all house-keeping tool.

Gadwin PrintScreen is a capable screen capture tool. The free version is all you’ll likely need.

Mozilla Firefox is the browser of choice in my book. It’s not as quick as Google Chrome, but I believe it’s at least as secure and is definitely more private.

Secunia PSI does a fine job of inspecting all of your software and then listing what programs are current, what programs need updating, and then offering solutions for the latter.

Soluto will assess your start-up apps and enable you to either delay or pause apps not necessary at boot in order to decrease your boot time wait.

VLC media player is surely the Swiss Army knife of media players. Get it and you’ll be ready for anything.