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Archaeology: Airport Expansion Reveals the Oldest Church in Iraq

“Originally built some 1,700 years ago … The ruins point to a thriving Christian community in early first millennium Iraq. Some scholars believe the site to be the Arab Christian center Hira …”

Attention: 4 Critical Areas that Need Your Investment by Jim Martin

“If you are not intentional about where you direct your attention, others will likely get your attention simply because you are living passively instead of proactively. The following are some critical areas that need our attention …”

Christianity, Hiroshima, just war, military service & war: Lamenting and Learning from Hiroshima by Shane Claiborne

“Today marks the day that the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. Here’s a really meaningful way to remember the day, by reading the words of George Zabelka, who was an Air Force chaplain that blessed the men who dropped the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. In the years after the bombing, he was haunted by the horror of war and bombs and became a compelling voice for peace. Zabelka, who died in 1992, gave this speech on the 40th anniversary of the bombings. …

“It never entered my mind to protest publicly the consequences of these massive air raids. I was told it was necessary – told openly by the military and told implicitly by my Church’s leadership. … For the last 1700 years the Church has not only been making war respectable: it has been inducing people to believe it is an honorable profession, an honorable Christian profession. This is not true. We have been brainwashed. This is a lie. … There is no way to conduct real war in conformity with the teachings of Jesus. …

“For the 300 years immediately following Jesus’ resurrection, the Church universally saw Christ and his teaching as nonviolent. Remember that the Church taught this ethic in the face of at least three serious attempts by the state to liquidate her. It was subject to horrendous and ongoing torture and death. If ever there was an occasion for justified retaliation and defensive slaughter, whether in form of a just war or a just revolution, this was it. The economic and political elite of the Roman state and their military had turned the citizens of the state against Christians and were embarked on a murderous public policy of exterminating the Christian community.

“Yet the Church, in the face of the heinous crimes committed against her members, insisted without reservation that when Christ disarmed Peter he disarmed all Christians.”

Comfort zone: Why Frequent Trips Outside Your Comfort Zone are So Important by Michael Hyatt

“If you are out to accomplish significant things in your life, you are going to be spending a lot of time outside your comfort zone. You might as well get the most out of it.”

Confession: The Power of Confession by Anne Jackson

“Fear and loneliness are two inseparable lovers with a tragic common denominator: they seek to destroy the Kingdom within.”

Life & death: “If You Died Tonight, Would You …” by Rubel Shelly

“… I think a better question might be this: ‘If you wake up tomorrow, do you have a clear plan for using the day to honor Christ by the way you will use it?'”

Sikh community: Standing with the Sikh Community Today by Ed Stetzer

“Christians stand with and pray for the Sikh community today. As Christians, we stand up for freedom of religion and against violence– against the evil present in such horrible acts.”

word for the weak: week thirty-two


This week’s theme in MoSt Church‘s 2012 Bible reading project – the Uncommon Truth for Common People project – is influence. Each week’s theme and Scriptures are discussed in our Wednesday night auditorium class.

• Mon., Aug. 6 – Joshua 2.1-24; 6.15-25; James 2.24-26

• Tues., Aug. 7 – Numbers 22.1-28; 24.1-14

• Wed., Aug. 8 – Ezra 4.1-5; 4.24-5.17; 6.14-18

• Thur., Aug. 9 – Acts 6.8-15; 7.54-8.3; 9.1-22

• Fri., Aug. 10 – Matthew 5.14-16; 2 Corinthians 2.12-3.6

This week’s memory verse is 2 Cor. 2.15: “We smell like the aroma of Christ’s offering to God …”