10 things you can do to bless your neighbors


Mow a neighbor’s yard. Sweep up after you finish. If at all possible, do it when they can’t possibly know who did it.

Do a “sneak attack” wash job of a neighbor’s vehicle when you know they’re away. Run the hose from your faucet, not their spigot.

Adopt that nearby vacant lot, picking up the trash that has slowly accumulated in it over time. Keep the weeds knocked down a bit, too.

Get to know the kids in the neighborhood a bit and join in with them in a friendly game of wiffle ball, frisbee, or PIG or HORSE. What? They haven’t even heard of PIG or HORSE? Teach ’em.

Go for a walk or a bike ride around the neighborhood, silently praying for every person you see. Deliberately smile at and greet every person, no exceptions.

Systematically pray for every household in your neighborhood. Select a different house each day as you drive out to go to work, or wherever, and intercede with God for all of the people who make up that home.

Give a cold bottle of water or GatorAid to the folks who pick up your trash. Share it with a word of appreciation for the service they do. Remember the driver as well.

Stop by the meat department the next time you’re at the grocery store and ask for a big bone you can give to that neighbor’s dog that barks incessantly. Present it to the neighbor as a gift for Rover without mentioning the barking. It won’t just keep the dog’s trap shut more often, but will bless everyone who doesn’t have to listen to the barking for awhile.

Keep a stash of one dollar coins you can withdraw from to give to the wee ones in the neighborhood. Whether it’s a great report card, perfect attendance, or you just catch them doing something good, reward the good you see.

Leave your porch lights on at night, doing it not merely for your own benefit, but to deliberately share that light with others for the increased security of all.

2 Replies to “10 things you can do to bless your neighbors”

  1. Good ideas David. I love to pay the attendant for the car behind me going through the toll booth on the Beltway 8.

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