why I post what I do in ‘this went thru my mind’


When I post a series of links (as I do at this point, every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday), under the heading of this went thru my mind, this is what’s going through my mind …

1. I hope to widen your world as well as mine. As a part of my personal development, I try to read widely. As I do so, I deliberately read quite a bit of material written by people who don’t swim in the same little part of the lake that I do. Doing so helps broaden my horizons and, therefore, my understanding of things. Unless I read widely, I will be about unintentionally shrinking my world. Here’s to a bigger world and a better understanding of it!

2. I don’t link with the thought of “endorsing” in mind. Consequently, you’ll see some links posted here to things I disagree with as well as links to articles with which I’m largely in agreement. Do any of us agree 100% on everything? No. But can we learn something from each other? Yes. And so, the fact that I link to something here shouldn’t be considered my “endorsement” of anything. Consider it simply for what it is: a link to something someone else has written. You’re big boys and girls; what you decide to do with it is up to you.

3. I believe it’s good to deliberately expose myself to material that challenges my thinking. Why? Because what I’m after is about being sharpened (cf. Prov. 27.17). You can’t sharpen a knife by simply running it parallel to the face of a whetstone. It’s the deliberate application of some angle that puts the edge on the blade. So, whether I agree with what’s being said in someone else’s post or not is almost immaterial to me. What is important to me is whether or not what’s said in the post truly stimulates my thought processes. How boring this world would be if everyone thought just like me. So if it helps you, think of reading these links as something akin to what many experience sitting in a college classroom: mind are deliberately exposed to various views and then everyone is allowed to draw their own conclusions on the matter.

4. I want to share with you some of the helpful stuff I’ve come across online. We all make choices as to what enters and rests in our mind. We can fill up our minds with trivial matters or we can fill them with matters that, well, matter. As a friend of mine used to say, “You have to move a lot of dirt to find a little gold.” What you find here in ‘this went thru my mind’ is my sharing some links of “gold” that I’ve uncovered so you don’t have to move so much dirt in your search for things worthy of consideration.

5 Replies to “why I post what I do in ‘this went thru my mind’”

  1. I really enjoy your “this went thru my mind.” and do appreciate the variety of reading material, thoughts and perspectives. Thank you!

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