Bruner on John 16.9


“We often wonder what the foundational, basal, fundamental structure of reality is, under all the other foundations, basics and fundamentals: Is it political, economic, social, psychological, scientific, or religious? Though the last option, the religious, usually takes last place in our major media, it is, nevertheless, according to Jesus’ clear teaching here and throughout the Gospel, the fundamental structure of reality. Or more precisely and historically (for ‘religion’ is ambiguous), Jesus the Son of God and the Son of Man himself, in person, is the underlying reality of all realities. (He is every bit as much history as he is ‘religion.’) Therefore, being who he is, the refusal to believe him is the most wrong and hurtful fact in life. Out of this one basic evil flow all the other major evils in the world, in the present conviction of John’s Jesus. Wrong, or sin, most simply put, is rejecting Jesus.”

Frederick Dale Bruner, The Gospel of John: A Commentary (Eerdmans, 2012), pp.925-926