this went thru my mind


Children & faith: The Real Reason Kids Abandon Faith by Daniel Darling

“As a child of the church, I believe this is less a matter of having the right curriculum or perfect ministry. I think perhaps there is something in the DNA of a generational believer that isn’t present in those who freshly come to faith as an adult.”

Clothing & corporate worship assemblies: Worship: Dressing for the Assembly by Alexander Campbell

“… let him change his apparel, sell his finery and gold to those who can afford no higher honors, no brighter glories — give the proceeds to the poor, and dress himself according to the Christian mirror, in the plainest and most unassuming garb …”

Death: How We Die (In One Chart) by Sarah Kliff

“The first thing to notice here is how much our mortality rate has dropped over the course of a century, largely due to big reductions in infectious diseases like tuberculosis and influenza.”

Evidence, theories & truth: Evidence, Theories, and Truth by Marc Cortez

“Here’s a great illustration for introducing the relationship between evidence, theories, and truth. It does a nice job of showing how evidence should lead us to refine our theories such that they come closer to the truth, even while remaining somewhat imperfect.”

Fellowship: Fellowship: No “I” in “Christian” by Brad Morrow

“The reason that individualism is not a good thing (one might say “evil”) is because this is precisely the tool that Satan uses against God’s Church in attempt to render it/us ineffectual.”

Health care: * Why Christians Should Be OK with the Supreme Court’s Health-Care Call by Julia Stronks; * A Few Thoughts On the Affordable Care Act Decision and Health Care in the US and the follow-up article);For Uninsured in Texas, Supreme Court Ruling Adds to Uncertainty; * Evangelicals & Health Care by Michael Bird

* “We should resist the temptation to make this the lynchpin on which we base our upcoming election decisions.”

* “I’m no expert, I’m not an overtly political person, and I think about 90% of political debate is bluster and posturing. But I am on the front lines when it comes to health care, and I thought I should share some thoughts on yesterday’s historic decision by the Supreme Court regarding the Affordable Care Act (aka ‘health care reform’).”

* “When you don’t have insurance, nobody listens to you … In Texas — where 25 percent of the population lacks health insurance, the highest uninsured rate of any state, according to the Texas Medical Association …”

* “… the question is why the opposition to universal healthcare and why is the conservative evangelical constituency among the most vocal in opposition to it?”

Hunger in America: Children At Risk Of Hunger In Every County

“Select a year and your state in our interactive map below and start learning more about the residents struggling with hunger in your community and the food banks that serve them.”

Nationalism & patriotism: * Flags in Church? by Chad Hall; * Idolatrous Worship by K. Rex Butts

* “… does nationalism belong in church? I think not. When we strike patriotic tones in worship, we dishonor God, disobey scripture, and misunderstand the relationship between God and country.”

* “I get the patriotism, I really do. I understand why Americans are proud to be so. I am an American too and there are many great things about living in America. But …”

Sea of Galilee: Kinneret Invaded – by Leeches

“Leeches have invaded Lake Kinneret’s shores – for the second time in seven years. Standing in the water for as little as two minutes will cause your legs to be covered in hundreds of leeches. These particular types are not blood-suckers, making them relatively easy to remove once one is out of the water.”

Unhealthy organizations: Considering (and Surviving) Unhealthy Christian Organizations by Ed Stetzer, parts 12 & 3

“… how does an organization move from unhealthy to healthy? Well, it is not simply something we can “will” into existence. Instead, it is a process.”

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