this went thru my mind


Church: * Your Church Will Die by Geoff Surratt, parts one, two, three, and four; * Why a Broken Church is Still the Hope of the World

“For all of the brokenness in the church, there are people who have become wells of God’s love and power. They refresh and bless, even if others wear out and condemn.”

Desire: What Would You Answer to Jesus’ Question, “What do you want?” by Ted Gossard

“Several times in the gospels Jesus asks someone else what they want. I was directed to do the same, to imagine myself in Jesus’ presence. And then how I would respond, if he asked me what I wanted.”

Discipleship: Beautiful Dead Trees by Skye Jethani

“Are we cultivating living disciples that produce good fruit, or merely decorating the dead?”

Worship: Why Do We Worship? by Guy Ames

“Many preachers and churches deal regularly with complaints about worship being dull or boring, or the number one complaint, ‘I’m not being fed.’ … Jesus cut to the heart … Worship does not require either temple or sacred mountain; true worship focuses upon God and not upon the worshiper.”

word for the weak: week twenty-five


This week’s theme in MoSt Church‘s 2012 Bible reading project – the Uncommon Truth for Common People project – is courage. The week’s readings are:

• Mon., June 18 – Genesis 12.1-9; 17.1-8
• Tues., June 19 – 1 Samuel 17.12-58
• Wed., June 20 – Joshua 1-4
• Thur., June 21 – Judges 6.1-6; 7.1-25
• Fri., June 22 – Acts 13.1-12; 14.21-28

This week’s memory verse is: “If we are to enter God’s kingdom, we must pass through many troubles.” (Acts 14.22b)