this went thru my mind


Church: 12 Signs you Attend Church in the Suburbs by John Acuff

“After almost six years of worshiping at a city church in Southern California, I got used to difficult parking, homeless people wandering into service, and members from all different backgrounds and ethnicities doing life together. A little over a year ago, I was dropped into the deep end of the Bible Belt. (Just to clarify: By “dropped into” I mean, “voluntarily moved to.”) I now live and worship at a church in the suburbs of North Texas and have noticed some distinct traits in suburban churches. If you’ve been wondering whether or not you attend church in the suburbs, allow me to help. You might you attend church in the suburbs if …”

Collaboration: Collaborate or Die by Dan Bouchelle

“The days of every organization trying to be self-sufficient, have a department and staff for everything, and live independent of each other is over.”

Listening: Learning to Listen Well by Ted Gossard

“This is what I want my posture to be more and more the rest of my life.”

Thinking: How Geniuses Think by Michael Michalko

“Creative geniuses are geniuses because they know ‘how’ to think, instead of ‘what’ to think.”

word for the weak: week twenty-four


This week’s theme in MoSt Church‘s 2012 Bible reading project – the Uncommon Truth for Common People project – is setting an example. The schedule for this week’s reading is:

• Mon., June 11 – Esther 1-5
• Tues., June 12 – Daniel 1-3
• Wed., June 13 – Deuteronomy 31.1-8; Hebrews 11.1-12.2
• Thur., June 14 – Philippians 1.27-2.18
• Fri., June 15 – Matthew 5.13-16; 1 Timothy 4.11-16

This week’s memory verse is: “…set an example for the believers …” (1 Timothy 4.12a)