this went thru my mind (b)


Body & soul: God is Not in the Business of Saving Souls by K. Rex Butts

“… let’s get our language correct. God is not in the business of saving souls. God is in the business of redeeming creation and that includes us…our whole self, our entire being, our body.”

Confession: Practical Advice on Confession by Bill Mounce

“[Confession] is, in a sense, a skill we all need to develop, whether we are new on the path of discipleship or a seasoned traveler.”

Capital punishment: Seeking an End to an Execution Law They Once Championed by Adam Nagourney

“It’s been a colossal failure. … The cost of our system of capital punishment is so enormous that any benefit that could be obtained from it — and now I think there’s very little or zero benefit — is so dollar-wasteful that it serves no effective purpose.”

Crucifixion of Jesus: Why Was Jesus Crucified? by Larry Hurtado

“… however attractive to our own gentle instincts may be the sort of Jesus touted often, a guy who wouldn’t hurt a fly and just wanted everyone to be friends, we have to posit a Jesus who could get himself crucified.”

Death of Jesus: Did Jesus Die of a Broken Heart? by Caleb Wilde

“Let me suggest that Jesus died from stress-induced cardiomyopathy as a result of the rejection and grief he experienced as he walked the world.”

Fear: Fear-Driven Christianity by Timothy Archer

“Too often, we let fear determine our practices, what we will do and what we won’t. … While actively seeking to do what is unsafe is foolish, focusing on “safety” in religion can lead us to an even more dangerous place.”

Focus: Your Focus Really Does Makes a Difference by Jim Martin

“Some people are reactive. They are forever talking about what used to be. … Others are proactive. They stand on tiptoes peering into the future. For these people, life is meant to be lived.”

Generations: How to Reach a Lost Generation 6: The Burden is on Them As Well by Matt Dabbs

“… the burden is not solely on the church when it comes to reaching young adults. They have a burden as well. When Christ’s call comes to someone it is a call to change.”

Hurry sickness: Why Faster is Not Better by Chris Altrock

“One of the things that most hinders our ability to lean into Jesus’ vision for the relationships in our lives is the rush of our lives. We simply don’t have time for people.”

Politics: 5 Attitudes for a Christian in a Political Season by Daniel Darling

“Let’s be honest. Much of what drives elections is fear. Both sides gin up fear about the other side. … But Christians can’t and shouldn’t be driven by fear, but by confidence in the sovereignty of God.”

The upper room: Reclining in the Upper Room by Ferrell Jenkins

“Each of the Gospels tell us something about the last supper Jesus ate with His disciples prior to the crucifixion. … Both Mark and Luke inform us that the room was a “large upper room furnished” (Mark 14:15; Luke 22:12).”

To-do: What I Learned About To-Do Lists From my Eight-Year-Old Son by Michael Hyatt

“Even though Harrison had a hectic summer schedule, which consisted of playing with friends, building Legos, and recreational-sleep he still put “play with Dad” as an important task to be completed.”

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