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Children & technology: Why Parents Should Educate Their Kids About Tech

“How young is too young for a child to have a cell phone? With the average preschooler now more able to play video games than ride a bike or tie a shoe, and with three-quarters of all middle school- and high school-age kids already owning a phone, it’s an increasingly difficult question for today’s digital parent to answer.”

Conflict resolution: The Male Church Leader’s Guide to Female Conflict Resolution by Kelley Matthews & Sue Edwards

“In our experience, male ministers tend to handle conflict without taking into account the gender of the parties involved. Big mistake.”

Facebook: Facebook Strips ‘Privacy’ From New ‘Data Use’ Policy Explainer

“The idea that apps your friends install can access your information disturbed many of Facebook’s commenters. As one put it: “Strongly disagree — why should I be dragged into apps my friends are involved with?” You already are. Facebook’s current terms allow apps to tap into all of the information that the app’s users have access to …”

Giving: Church Giving Dropped $1.2 Billion in 2010 Recession by Annalisa Musarra

“According to the 2012 Yearbook of American & Canadian Churches, the almost $29 billion contributed by church members represented a 2.2 percent decrease in terms of per capita giving. The $1.2 billion decline in 2010 was nearly three times as large as the $431 million in losses reported in 2009.”

Ministry: Magic Christianity: The Power of Superstitious Habits by Dan Bouchelle

“I’ve known many people in churches who have left a church after many years because their congregation changed something about the worship, structure, or vision without being able to explain why they were opposed to the change. They just cited the general claim of “I am not comfortable with that.” We all have our preferences for some styles and methods over others, but there is a fear common in churches that what feels uncomfortable is not just a matter of preference but wrong, even if we can’t explain why. It is rooted in fear and no small amount of magical thinking. … The problem is theological first and foremost.”

Pacifism: Ask a Pacifist by Rachel Held Evans

“These were tough questions, but our friend Tripp York responded with wit, wisdom, and grace. Tripp teaches in the Religious Studies Department at Virginia Wesleyan University.”

Prison: Religion in Prisons: A 50-State Survey of Prison Chaplains

“From the perspective of the nation’s professional prison chaplains, America’s state penitentiaries are a bustle of religious activity. More than seven-in-ten (73%) state prison chaplains say that efforts by inmates to proselytize or convert other inmates are either very common (31%) or somewhat common (43%). About three-quarters of the chaplains say that a lot (26%) or some (51%) religious switching occurs among inmates in the prisons where they work.”

Social justice: The Idolatry of Nation by Scot McKnight

“Which leads me to ponder whether or not the many today who are now entranced by social justice are expressing not so much a dimension of their faith but a stage on the way of losing that faith. Has social justice become an idol? Has it become a substitute for God, for personal engagement with God?”

The Hunger Games: Indicting Violence: A Pacifist Review of ‘The Hunger Games’

“Ultraviolent throughout, Collins books are not on the surface pacifist. But this peace advocate absolutely loved the books and recommends you read them. Why? Because it’s an honest look at the roots and limits of violence. Her indictment of violence by portraying violence is an enormous gift.”

Wolves among the sheep: Why Impostors Love the Church by Russell D. Moore

“The New Testament warns us, of course, about spiritual impostors. Sometimes these “wolves” are there to introduce subtly false doctrine. But, just as often, it seems, these spiritual carnivores hold to true doctrine, at least on the surface. But they use this doctrine and service for predatory ends.”

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