this went thru my mind


Archaeology: The James Ossuary verdict. Does it matter? by Ferrell Jenkins

“Does it matter? If the inscription is authentic, it is another of the many archaeological confirmations of Biblical characters. We already know of Caiaphas, Pilate, Erastus, et al. It is another example of the historicity of the New Testament. It provides the earliest inscriptional evidence of Jesus. If the inscription is not authentic then it is just an ordinary limestone bone box, but one that has caused multitudes to discuss Jesus and the New Testament. Let us use it as an opportunity to discuss Jesus with those who do not know Him.”

Cynicism/skepticism: Faith amidst Cynicism and Skepticism by Joel Willitts

“… having faith is superior to cynicism and skepticism. Here are six reasons.”

Generations: The Boomerang Generation (Pew Research)

“More than three-quarters of young adults ages 25 to 34 who have moved back home with their families during the Great Recession and the troubled economic years that followed say they’re satisfied with their living arrangements and upbeat about their future finances.”

God: As If There is No God by Caleb Wilde

“What part of your god must die?”

Impatience: Is the Internet Making Us Impatient? (infographic)

“One in four people abandon a web page that takes more than four seconds to load.”

Judgmental: 11 Questions to Discern a Judgmental Heart by Trevin Wax

“Our pastor, Mike Lee, is currently preaching through the Gospel of Matthew. This past Sunday, he preached on Matthew 7 and Jesus’ command to ‘judge not.’ At the end of his sermon, Mike shared these 11 questions designed to help us discern a judgmental and critical spirit.”

Self-care: Steve Jobs on Self-Care: Keep Your Passion Kindled by Keith Anderson

“The thing is: ministry is hard. Really hard. Incredibly hard. That’s just the way it is and no amount of self-care is going to change that. And so, instead of inventing self-care strategies that try to avoid this reality, we need ones that can actually help us get through it.”

Technology: “A Prayer of Blessing to all Those Hands That Put Together the iPad That We’re About to Enjoy” by Eugene Cho

“God … As we enjoy our gadgets and our stuff, we say a prayer of blessing to the many hands that have put together these iPads and gadgets. While they are unseen and unnamed, we acknowledge that they, too, are your beloved. They are loved and seen by You. …”

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