this went thru my mind


Bible reading: 10 Signs You’re Not Reading Your Bible Enough by Trey Morgan

“You’re just sure that ‘Do not dance’ and ‘Do not gamble’ are two of the ten commandments.”

Conversation: How to Connect in a Conversation by Brad Lomenick

“Whether with someone you are meeting for the first time, or a follow up meeting, or a longtime business associate, it’s important to not just greet properly, but also connect. So here’s your cheat sheet for connecting in a conversation.”

Evangelism: * Becoming More Evangelistic by K. Rex Butts; * Tongues: We Won and We Lost by Terry Rush

“…there are some practical things that every Christian can do to be more evangelistic.”

” I see two glaring traits among us: (1) our people speak to those they know and struggle with using their tongue to speak to a stranger (in the church), and (2) fundamentally our tongues have gone mute when reaching to the unchurched.”

Marriage: * Does Your Marriage Have a Mission Statement? by Michael Hyatt; * Five Surefire Ways to Kill Your Marriage by Sophie Reinhardt

* “Ask, ‘What can I do within the next two months to get closer to the big goal? What steps can I take within the next six months?'”

* “Most marriages don’t fail because of the obvious reasons of violence or cheating. Sure, those may be the climax or breaking point, but really, marriages end because of a slow process of drifting apart.”

Odd/unique: 12 Creative Ways to Dispose of Your Cremains by Caleb Wilde

“So here – without further ado – are twelve names and twelve creative methods of cremation disposal.”

Public prayer: A Plea for Pray-ers by Gordon McDonald

“Can I be frank? I’m distressed by the low quality of public prayer that is being heard in too many worship services today. Too often, prayer is used as a transition from one event to another. But what if the pastoral prayer was (as some like to say) a main event?”

St. Patrick: Saint Patrick of Ireland, parts 1, 2 & 3 by Patrick Mead

“… I’ve received requests to write about St. Patrick. I can do that!”

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