this went thru my mind


Aging: * 30 Life Lessons by Ron Edmonson * The Secret to Happiness as You Get Older by Michael Hyatt

* “Some of these you have to learn the hard way.”

* “Have you ever noticed that people become more of who they are as they get older? Over the years adversity chips away the exterior facade, leaving our true selves exposed.”

Millenials: Millennials Infographic [required reading]

Thinking skills: 6 Short Videos for Teaching Critical Thinking by Marc Cortez

“Everyone knows how to think. Not everyone knows how to think well. That can be rather frustrating. Fortunately, thinking is a skill. And, like any skill, you can improve thinking through instruction and practice. Here are some excellent, short videos introducing different aspects of critical thinking.”

Whitney Houston’s death: Why Do So Many Great Talents Die Young? by Trevin Wax

“… yes, the early death of so many talented individuals does expose the emptiness of riches and success. But there is another lesson to be learned here, and it has to do with common grace. You see, the Evil One is not content with keeping people from hearing of God’s saving grace; he also wants to steal from the world those unusual gifts of common grace.”

Women: How to Empower the Women in Your Church by Sharon Hodde Miller

“It is remarkable and troubling that a stereotype can be so powerful. Fortunately, researchers have also looked into the best methods for breaking the power of stereotype threat, and they have discovered two primary options …”

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