this went thru my mind

Bible reading: It’s a very good, and important, question. What parts of the Bible are actually “your Bible,” that is, what parts of the Bible do you actually read and what difference does that make to what you believe? The Biblical Canon You Read by Brian LePort.

Criticism: Cheap Criticism by Terry Rush is brief, potent, and definitely required reading.

Marriage: Sharifa Steven’s Honey Dos part one and part two to newlywed husbands and wives is full of good advice.

Positive thinking: The Willful Ignorance of Positive Thinking Idealogy is a very thought-provoking, ten minute speech and video.

Productivity: 7 Steps to Getting Unstuck and Becoming More Productive by Michael Hyatt.

Scholarship: Why Scholarship is Important by Robert Cargill is hilarious, spot-on, and so very, very true!

SolitudeThe Danger of Neglecting Time Alone by Joshua Becker.

Wayward children: Ten Ways to Make Disciples of Straying Children and Grandchildren by Alan Melton.

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