this went thru my mind

Aging: * The Quarterlife Crisis: young, insecure, and depressed. New research by British psychologists shows educated twenty and thirtysomethings most likely to be hit by pre-midlife blues. * The 10 Best Things About Being a Senior Adult by Joe McKeever.

Criticism: How to Offer Criticism by Ed Stetzer. Four parts have been published thus far: onetwothree, and four.

Education: An infographic of U.S. Education Spending and Performance vs. The World.

Families & technology: How Technology is Influencing Families (a Barna Group study).

Gossip: There are Better Things to Talk About Than Others by Joshua Becker. Amen.

GTD: The Only Way to Get Important Things Done by Tony Schwartz. Sane, simple advice.

Ministry: Jim Martin’s 10 Lessons I’ve Learned After 19 Years With One Congregation is good, good stuff. Here are links to part one and part two. Amen, brother.

Note-taking: Recovering the Lost Art of Note-Taking by Michael Hyatt. During classes, meetings, sermons. Wherever.

Parenting: Ten Specific Compliments to Give Your Children. The most practical link you’ll see in this post.

Sainthood: Do You Know How the Catholic Church Proves Someone Is A Saint? I didn’t. You might be surprised. Interesting.

Security: Ensuring Your Information is Safe Online.

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