I have a lot to tell you

“I have a lot to tell you.” (2 John 12 CEB)

I can hear the cracks now.

  • “Yep, and you unload all of it on us every Sunday morning.”
  • “You can say that again, oh, but please, don’t.”
  • “Don’t have an ‘off’ switch somewhere?”

Hey, I confess, I’ve earned those remarks.

But I take some small measure of comfort in these words of an apostle.

“I have a lot to tell you.”

Those words are because Christian faith is not about something welling up from inside us and coming out, but is about words from God coming from without and seeking to work their way into us. We don’t know the way to go and need God’s constant guidance.

These words are true because facilitating the daily and lifelong transformation of a person into the image of Christ is not a simple, sum-it-all-up-in-a-few-words, just-get-to-the-point matter. Dandelions grow in a hurry, but true disciples of Christ can’t/don’t.

This is truth because when a heart full of love for God and people is connected with a mind touched by the word of God and all it has to say about life, a great many words will of necessity follow.

Truth is found in these words because God’s perfect will is communicated through exceedingly imperfect communicators such as myself. See how big a book God had penned through writers carried along by his Holy Spirit? How much more so then must be the case with speakers and writers who do not share in such blessing?

“I have a lot to tell you.”

And so, I thank God.

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