this went thru my mind

Church attendance & being visitor-friendly: (1) There Once Was a World by Peter L. Steinke and (2) It’s In the Details: 8 Surprising Reasons Why People Aren’t Coming Back by Greg Atkinson.

Contentment: Transparency: U.S. of Unhappy Campers (infographic) is enough to make you a bit unhappy.

Expectations: Tony Schwartz’s article entitled “We’re In a New Energy Crisis. This One is Personal” in the Harvard Business Review is required reading.

Inspiring: People Are Awesome: Fifth Grader Donates $300 Life Savings to Stop Teacher Layoffs.

Modesty: “Why Do We Let Them Dress Like That?” appeared in the Wall Street Journal.

Prayer: (1) On prayer: fourteen theses and (2) Why Do Muslims Pray Five Times Daily?

Theodicy: (1) N.T. Wright on tsunamis and problem of evil (1 hour video, worth every minute), (2) Adam Hamilton’s Japan’s Earthquake and the Will of God, and (3) Shane Raynor’s post entitled Is Adam Hamilton Right About God and Japan?

Writing: How to Write 1,000 Words by Scott Berkun: the essay and the 5 min. time-lapse video.

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