be reasonable

Read Romans 12:3-8.

Every Christian has a stalker; each of us is being stalked. He watches our every move and studies our every habit. Virtually nothing escapes his notice, for he goes where we go; he waits where we wait. He is obsessed with us and nothing good is on his mind. He wants us only for his perverted and twisted ways.

But we are not defenseless. In fact, we’re on to him. We know he’s there. We know how he works. We even know his name.


Alexander Solzhenitsyn once said: “Pride grows in the human heart like lard on a pig.” He’s right. Pride is the most natural of things for us. Unless something serious measures are taken against it, it grows thick and heavy on each of us. Without God’s will ever active in our heart and habits, we all are pigs. That’s why Paul says, the essential first step toward a truly transformed mind and life is:

“… don’t think of yourself more highly than you ought to think.” (Romans 12:3 CEB)

So we have to make things very difficult for the stalker named “Pride.” We have to out-think him, out-maneuver him, out-distance him. We need each other in this spiritual duel of wits. This is no time for us to be distrustful of each other or to pretend to be superior to each other. We must act as a unit, as one body, for the good of each other.

As well, we each have differing gifts given to us by God. These gifts prove useful in our evasion of this one who is after us. Though these gifts are different for each of us, we are all made stronger as we use them correctly, for the benefit of each other, not ourself, that is. They weren’t intended to be used as measurements of each other, but as weapons of defense for each other. We dare not use them in such a way as play right into our stalker’s hands!

Someone once said that the truly great danger of pride is that unlike most sin, pride feeds on goodness; it flourishes in good soil. That is so true. And so may we be ever alert, ever aware of the constant presence of Pride. We need not live our lives in fear, for we serve One who is far greater and stronger than Pride. But, we dare not take our eyes off of this One. We must imitate his ways and so, remain in the safety of his presence. This is what it means to “be reasonable.”

Heavenly Father, keep me in my right mind and in my proper place: with you, thinking of you, imitating you, and considering others before myself. Amen.

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