the unvarnished truth

… on the day … according to my gospel, God will judge the hidden truth about human beings through Christ Jesus. (Romans 2:16 CEB)

One day all of the seemingly endless string of days in my life will come to a full stop.

One day all of the opportunities I have had to truly hear God speak to me his remarkably good news will come to an end.

One day all of the words of the gospel of God will become crystal clear to my dim eyes and hardened heart.

One day I will feel the full weight of my responsibility to my Creator, as a human being made in the image of the One and Only Holy Being.

One day all I do and don’t do, as well as why I do and don’t do, will be revealed to me, and before all, by God.

One day all of my actions and motivations will be measured, weighed, and judged by God.

One day sooner than I think it will arrive, it will, and I will yearn like never before for someone to plead my case before God.

One day I will become so sensitive to the fact that I desperately need Jesus Christ to rescue me from all that is self, and sin, and shame that it it will be like I never really realized it at all before.

One day.

Father God, in the name of Jesus, let me praise you this day. Let it be respect that comes from the deepest part of me. Let it obe obedience that I will not put off until another day. Let it be honor that will not stop. So be it.