… in looking at the cross of Christ we are looking at considerably more even than excruciating (no pun intended) human pain. Christians believe that when we look at Jesus on the cross and meditate on that meaning, we are privileged to see as much of God as we ever hope to see. the cross is not simply the truth about the human condition; it’s the truth about God. Of all the things that might be said about us and God, the cross is the most crucial (no pun intended). The cross is not simply a ghastly sight of a naked man dying in agony, but also a full frontal disclosure of what God is up to in the world, a dramatic unveiling of who God really is, down deep. The cross is the crux of the matter between us and God (no pun intended). We really ought to call this Friday, holy Friday as the church has historically named this day, rather than good Friday for the goodness in this Friday requires considerable nuance to say just why Christians call the crucifixion of Jesus quote good.”

William Willimon, Thank God It’s Friday: Encountering the Seven Last Words of the Cross, p.89

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