fresh bread: if I want to hear him say “you are a good and faithful servant” …

Having heard my Lord speak straight to me through Matthew 25:14-30 I know …

I must seize this opportunity he has given me. No matter how many decades I might live, my life is short and the days fly by. I am here only for a little while so I must do more than dream and intend; I must act and act now.

I must not be paralyzed by fear. I dare not play it safe by making the avoidance of loss or embarrassment my objective in life. If I’m not taking risks for his glory now, I’m not living my life as my Lord intended for me to live it.

I must put to work what God has entrusted to me. My Lord knows me better than I know myself and he has given me what I have with that in mind. If I do not fully exert myself or try to make the most of his resources he has temporarily put in my care, then I am a lazy, foolish, unproductive person unworthy of the designation as “servant.”

I must not misunderstand the character of my Lord. If I mistake his expectations of me as hardness, I will never grasp, much less enjoy, the depth of his generosity. If I view his trust in me as an extension of his own trustworthiness, I will surely enter into the joy of my Lord.

I must live with my Lord’s pleasure as my goal. To do so will make my Lord happy and his pleasure will surely spill over onto me. To completely bless the Lord with my life here and now will lead to my total blessing there and then forever.

Heavenly Father, I long to hear you say to me “you are a good and faithful servant.” I know those who will have the ultimate regret over their life will be those who never really tried. So Father, in the name of Jesus, bring me to that servant way of life for you now. Break whatever is within me that mindlessly resists such a life and reinforce whatever good you have caused to be within me. May I wholly celebrate you by living my life in service to you and so avoid regret over the loss of what might have been. Amen.

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