week 1 (trek 3): put a psalm in my heart

Following are my sentence prayers stirred up by this week’s readings in our third trip through the Psalms this year:


Psalm 1 – Lord, let my study of your Law, and my obedience of your Law, always be one to me. (vs.2)

Psalm 2 – Lord, may I never cease to serve you with fear and trembling; never so full of myself that I do not bow to you. (vs.11)

Psalm 3 – Ever restore my courage and grant me fearless sleep, Lord, fearless sleep. (vs.3,5-6)

Psalm 4 – You alone, Lord, keep me perfectly safe, with joy and peace. (vs.7-8)

Psalm 5 – Make your way plain for me to follow, Lord. (vs.8)


Psalm 6 – When I grow impatient to hear from you and see your help, Lord, may my faith in you not fail. (vs.3b,8b-9)

Psalm 7 – Justice is what you demand, Lord, so may I ever do the right thing by all others. (vs.6b)

Psalm 8 – Never let the wonder of you that can be seen in this world be unseen by me, Lord. (vs.9)


Psalm 9 – You rule, Lord, forever! (vs.7)

Psalm 10 – Break the power of wicked and evil people, Lord! (vs.15)

Psalm 11 – You see it all in all of us, Lord; you see it all. (vs.4)


Psalm 12 – Help me take your promises to the bank that is my heart, Lord. (vs.6)

Psalm 13 – When questions about you cloud my mind, Lord, may my singing to you clear the air. (vs.1-2,6)

Psalm 14 – We’re all in the same boat, Lord, and so may I never forget. (vs.2-3)


Psalm 15 – May my practice be as good as my promises, Lord. (vs.4)

Psalm 16 – As my future is always in your hands, Lord, grant me this: that I may perceive and feel your steadfast, loving grip on me in each moment. (vs.5)

Psalm 17 – When you come to me at night and examine me completely, Lord, may I be filled with joy, not shame. (vs.3,15)

day 1 (trek 3): put a psalm in my heart

Today, with MoSt Church, we begin our third trek of five, sixty-day walks through the book of Psalms this year.

On our first pass through this land, we noted some things about the lay of the land, the structure and content, of each psalm as we read them (Jan.-Feb.). On our second hike, we literally sketched something we “saw” along our journey (Mar.-Apr.). During┬áthis third walkabout (May-June) let’s compose and write out a single sentence prayer that arises within us from one of the psalms in each day’s reading.

And, of course, I’ll encourage you to do as I do with my reading, namely doing it in a different translation of Scripture than you’ve read before (at least recently). This time through I’ll actually make use of two versions, the GNT (Good News Translation) and the CEV (Contemporary English Version).

Thus far in this project I’ve made daily posts here regarding the Put a Psalm in My Heart project. However, this time through I’ll create weekly posts, usually appearing on Saturdays. Following is this week’s reading schedule:

Tues.; May 1 – Ps. 1-5

Wed.; May 2 – Ps. 6-8

Thurs., May 3 – Ps. 9-11

Fri., May 4 – Ps. 12-14

Sat., May 5 – Ps. 15-17

Remember: compose a single sentence prayer for one of the psalms in each day’s reading.

Grace and peace.